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Planting a Lilly bulb

Let us share with you our love for elegance, simplicity, naturalness and tenderness. Lilies are a part of our preferences when it’s about flowers and classic flower arrangements.

Lilies are so sweet when put together, shaping a floral carpet, a beautiful floral design for your elegant-classic stylised terrace or lightened relaxing rooms.
Very important for the lily flower arrangement to be on top of your design elements is to choose the proper flower container. It has to be a quadratic clay pot with borders so that the lilies to be framed as they would be in a miniature garden.

You’ll need to purchase from a flower shop 12 red or pink lily bulbs of Lilium sp. Species (if it’s spring, but if it’s already summer, buy potted lilies just before blooming), some rubble, organic fertiliser, garden soil.

Perforate the flower pot’s base, put some rubble for a good drainage, add above an organic fertiliser layer of about 7-10 cm, then dispose the lily bulbs or the lily roots so that to cover the entire pot surface in 4 rows of 3 lilies. You can let the lily flower arrangement to alone in the flower pot or can plant on the arrangement base some Ivy to give to the lily arrangement the momentousness that it needs, because you’ll combine the two different style: pendent and right and up growth style. And this is a surprise and both a good choice if you know how to do it. Now, if you choose the joining of Ivy, after planting the lilies, put in the flower container with potting mix soil (containing also organic fertiliser), leaving about 7-8 cm till the end of the pot just to permit the Ivy root to extend. Finally, fill the pot with fertiliser manure.

lily for planting

lily for planting

The lily flower arrangement will enjoy the well ventilated but not before the wind places and you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t bear the high temperature. If you want your lilies to be healthy and in flower, keep the soil moist, but not wet. After the blooming, prune the lily stems and plant it in your home garden.

You can also replace the lilies with Lords-and-ladies (Arum maculatum), a flowering plant that loves the shady places of which flower, the spadix, is as elegant as lily flower. Our advice is to associate the cuckoo-pint flower to Trandescantia albiflora, a colorful trailing plant.

Hoping that we are giving you a good assistance in your decorating work, we want you to enjoy nature and to relax into your home.