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A look at leaf blower vacuum for Autumn preparation

A look at leaf blower vacuum for Autumn preparation

If there’s one thing that I will prepare for next Autumn it would be to get myself a leaf blower. The amount of damage leaves can do around the garden is just incredible when so as a result leaf blowers are top of my list in terms of what needs preparing for this Autumn.
Overall I can’t think of a better way to go through the summer than to get ready for Autumn as well. Especially seeing as the gardens in full bloom now and it’s looking really amazing. I really don’t want to lose the quality of lawn I’ve got at the moment and I think that a leaf blowers going to be the way that I get things sorted.

You need a leaf blower vac for Autumn because leaves are a nightmare and will kill the grass.

There really is nothing worse than leaves laying on the grass and causing not only no sunlight and photosynthesis to the grass but actually causing grass itself to rot. This has a knock-on effect on any glass around to the local area will also be affected. It can result in needing to completely re-turf the lawn and at the very minimum putting down an awful lot seed and having a really patchy an ugly looking lawn so a step in a stitch in time saves nine; make sure the leaves are not allowed to gather on the lawn.

Electric cordless leaf blower vacuums

With all of the technological advances the obvious thing to do is have an electric cordless leaf blower because they’re extremely lightweight and extremely easy to use as well. It means they don’t have to have a power lead and you can save an awful lot of time and it’s a lot safer because the power that goes through an electric cordless leaf blower is low voltage and as a result it means that you’re unlikely to end up with electric shock.

This is extremely advantageous if you’ve got young children or perhaps even pets because the course accidents do happen and you really want to make sure that you minimise the risks. Cordless leaf blower vacs give you a least half an hour’s running time and if you’ve got a small to medium sized garden like mine where I’ve only got a three-bedroom semi house then of course it’s absolutely deal for you. If you’re looking for the best value for money cordless leaf blower vacuums then I would say that you couldn’t really go wrong with the Black and Decker.

Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower

Electric corded leaf blower vacuums

The best thing about an electric corded leaf blower is a fact that they’re extremely cheap these days. Because of the fact that there are actually quite difficult to use and cordless is coming on leaps and bounds it means the corded electric leaf blowers becoming a thing of the past. A result people are buying the farthest end of course they cost in an awful lot less more money if I can envisage the time where and electric corded leaf blower simply isn’t purchased or even made anymore because of the fact that cordless is advance so much.

Petrol leaf blowers

If you need a big powerful bit of kit then petrol leaf blowers are the way forward because it means that you can get some serious home from 50cc petrol engine. They are normally 2-stroke which means or even more powerful because of four-stroke of course isn’t quite powerful is a two-stroke. But overall, yeah if you’ve got a big project then of course a big petrol leaf blower will really get the job done

Best value for money leaf blowers vacs

As I already briefly touched on, the best value for money leaf blowers vacs are cordless because they’re actually less than 50 quid these days and a corded one might be 30 quid but of course you need then to buy a power lead which costs 20 quid as well so overall cordless electric leaf blower vacs is extremely good value for money.

Leaf blower

Leaf blower

Don’t forget: Leafs are brilliant for composting

Don’t forget to take advantage of the leaves and powered you can get yourself a blower vacuum. Some vacuums have got a mulching facility which means that you’ll be able to make compost extremely quickly. Leaves make some of the very best and richest Earth so don’t throw the way make sure you create itself a good compost pile for the next season. It will make brilliant potting after all.

So to conclude leaf blowers vacs for Autumn

In simple conclusion I would say that a petrol leaf blower vacuum is the most powerful wind and electric cordless leaf blower is by far and away the best value and easiest to use. As well as being safe these days it makes complete sense for anyone with a medium to a normal sized home. If you think you could add anything to this cordless leaf blower vacuum article then please absolutely contact me.